Verilux HappyLight Full-Size 10,000 lux Light Therapy Energy Lamp – Amazon Review

Light therapy is proven to enhance your mood, focus, and is a much healthier alternative to over-the-counter medication for ailments. Whether it’s insomnia or depression, you’ll be speechless from how much better you feel from using a light therapy lamp.

A few minutes per day could change your life, which is why today we’re doing a Verilux HappyLight review. Ahead, you’ll learn if this therapy lamp is worth buying, how it works, and why you don’t want to miss out on light therapy.

This light therapy lamp review is rather long so we opted to divide it up into 8 broad sections. You are more than welcome to click below to be taken directly to that section of this review. We’d prefer that you read the review in its entirety before making a decision, but if you are press for time, you can jump straight down to that section.

  1. Box Contents: We reveal what comes in the box with the light therapy box and take a brief look at each item in the box.
  2. Light Intensity: This is where we examine the level of light is measured using something called LUX.
  3. LED vs Fluorescent Light Bulbs: The type of bulb determines how long the light will last before you need to replace it.
  4. Light Quality: Light color or wavelengths range from a warm yellow to a harsh blue.
  5. Portability: Light Therapy only works well when used consistently, so having a light therapy box that looks good on your desk, next to your bed, or counter top is important.
  6. Full Spectrum: Therapeutic value comes from the brightness of the light. Complete spectrum is a better quality of lighting and study supports the notion that full spectrum lighting has health benefits.
  7. Cost: We compare the average cost of the unit compared to other items in the marketplace. This can be an important deciding factor based on your budget.
  8. Overview: Taking in account for everything we reviewed and utilizing everything we know about Bright Light Therapy, we can help summarize whether this light box is best for you!

Box Contents

Using a therapy lamp is simple. You don’t have to worry about setting it up or any complicated processes. This is why when you open the package that the HappyLight arrives in, you recieve the essentials.

You’re first greeted by the lamp itself, which we’ll review in more detail in a moment. The package also includes two interchangeable lenses, one for high energy and another for comfort. The first will give you the fullest light therapy experience while the second protects the eyes from straining.

Moving on through the package, Verilux gives you a 36 watt full spectrum light bulb so you don’t have to purchase one yourself. This means you can use your lamp right away. The bulb is cool burning and efficient, making it both safe and long lasting.

Lastly, you’ll receive a wall mount to place your HappyLight wherever you want. This is convenient as you can free up space on desks and other surfaces.

Light Intensity

Our brains are heavily affected by light. Everything from our mood to neurotransmitters change depending on what lighting we are exposed to. Light is measured in a unit called Lux, and the Verilux HappyLight has emits a level of 10,000. You can have peace of mind knowing that it’s specially made to block UV to keep your skin safe.

You can adjust the tilt of the lamp to place it in the perfect position. As well, there are low, medium, and high lighting settings. This allows you to get the perfect light therapy sessions depending on your needs.

LED vs Fluorescent Light Bulbs

A common question is “What is the best light bulb for a therapy lamp?” and it’s an important thing to know when you go to replace the original. The two most common choices are LED and fluorescent bulbs, but what makes them different?

The first factor is energy consumption. Fluorescent light bulbs consume much more energy than LEDs, which will cost you money in the long term. You’ll be saving almost half the money and electricity by choosing an LED light bulb.

But, that’s not all. Fluorescent lights tend to flicker and lose their brightness as they age. This means that your lamp is slowly lose its effectiveness over time. LED on the other hand, continues to keep its level of performance until it reaches the end of its life span and it simply stop works. By choosing an LED light bulb, your HappyLight will make you feel and look better until it needs to be replaced.

Light Quality

Light therapy lamps emit different colours along the wavelength spectrum. All of them have their unique advantages of disadvantages. This is because our brains react differently to the various colours or combinations of them. The Verilux HappyLight uses a UV blocking white light that resembles the spectrum from the sun, without the skin damage or side effects.
The wavelength spectrum looks like this.

But, what about the other colors?

Red aids in the repairing of the skin, helping to improve acne, eczema, and other inflammation. This is due to its blood circulating effects, building hemoglobin, and activating hormones. If you want to clear up your skin and gain confidence, this is a good colour to choose.

Orange is enjoyed by light therapy users for relieving stress, fatigue, and depression. It can stimulate both the immune system and appetite, making it an ideal wavelength for when you’re ill.

Yellow stimulates collagen production, improving skin conditions right from the core. Collagen strengthens skin and and gives it elasticity. This colour also helps you to focus and keep concentrated. Are you feeling unmotivated or unstimulated? Then yellow is for you.

Green is next. When you think of green, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Health, of course. It should be no surprise then that this colour helps detox the body and mind. It relieves stress, stimulates the pituitary gland, and makes you happier.

Blue light therapy is the most common besides white. It uses a much lesser amount of Lux, typically within the range of 500. While it can give you the same benefits of white light, it’s harsh on the eyes and surrounding facial muscles.

Portability, Size and Design

As soon as you take it out of the box, you are greeted by a sleek and modern white lamp. It will match any home or room you place it in.

A therapy lamp doesn’t need to take up a lot of space, and the HappyLight embodies that. It weighs in at 2 lbs, making it very portable and light to carry around. You can easily take it with you as you travel or go about your day.

The dimensions are:
13 inches high
6.25 inches wide
2.12 inches long

Other therapy lamps in its category tend to be wider, which takes up more space on walls and surfaces. Along with the wall mount, this is a low profile therapy lamp that won’t clash with interior design or cramp up space.

Full Spectrum

As you just read above, the colour of the light that is emitted from the therapy lamp is very important. Wouldn’t it be great to gain all of the benefits but from one product? That’s exactly what you get when using the HappyLight.

It takes advantage of something called full spectrum lighting. While it appears as a white light, every wavelength from infrared to ultraviolet is included. Full spectrum lights have been studied and proven to yield many health benefits.

Verilux began studying full spectrum light therapy back in the early 90’s, making them a pioneer of this technology. When using the HappyLight, you can take pride in knowing that you are using easily on the best the products on the market.

They sold light therapy boxes for individuals suffering from season mood disorders, which is now a practice used by millions around the world. Full spectrum doesn’t just help with ailments though, it has many other uses.

It can be used as task lighting while studying, writing or doing any work you would normally on a desk. Ordinary indoor lights lacks the ability to change your mood or health in a positive way. You won’t even notice the HappyLight on your desk, but you will notice the enhancement in focus and other areas.


Out of the HappyLight product line, this full size model falls in the mid price range. The HappyLight Compact is the cheapest and the HappyLight Deluxe is Verilux’s most expensive, making this therapy lamp a great bang for your buck choice.

There are many 10,000 lux light therapy lamps that are priced around the $150 range. If you want to save money while still getting the same benefits, the HappyLight full size will satisfy you.

For example, the Philips Energy Light costs $170 for essentially the same product. That’s almost double for what you’ll pay for the HappyLight. Even the 10,000 lux lamp from North Light’s is priced at $177.

Imagine purchasing one of those, only to see the HappyLight later and realize you missed out on a great deal.


Light therapy has amazing benefits that everyone should take advantage of. From an improved mood, to better focus and health, a small investment can seriously change your life.

You can feel refreshed and happy during the day, instead of lethargic and sad. During the cold months, it will help combat seasonal depression, too. Don’t you dread that every year?

All it takes is 30 minutes or less every day with a therapy lamp like the full size HappyLight model. If you’re new to light therapy, it’s an affordable option compared to other products in its category.

It includes a wall mount and two different lenses to make your therapy session picture perfect. Just sit back, relax, and feel the warm light on your skin as your mood skyrockets. When you’re finished, you can easily store it away with its compact size or let its sleek design show off.

The 36 watt full spectrum light bulb which is included offers all of the benefits from infrared to ultraviolet. If you need to replace it, LED and fluorescent bulbs are typical choices. LED offers better energy consumption and performance in the long term, so we recommend it more.

Overall, Verilux’s therapy lamp is portable, lightweight, and has a design that will have guests asking questions. It’s a reasonable investment that will improve your health in many ways. Experience the benefits yourself by purchasing the HappyLight today.

Our Rating: 4.9 / 5

User Rating: 4.8 / 5

Rank: 1st in Light Therapy Lamps Reviews


  • Affordable price for a 10,000 lux light therapy lamp compared to Phillips, North Light’s models, and other competitors
  • Takes advantage of full spectrum lighting, offering all of the benefits of the wavelength spectrum
  • Features an attractive design that blends into any room in your home
  • Portable and easy to carry around
  • Improves skin conditions, depression, focus, and overall mood
  • Easy to use and ready to go out of the box


  • You have to stay in front of the lamp for at least 30 minutes
  • It can strain your eyes if you’re not careful
  • The light bulb will need to be replaced eventually


Out of all of the light therapy lamps we’ve reviewed at Happy Lamp, the Verilux HappyLight 10,000 Lux Light Therapy Energy Lamp has came out on top in our opinion. While other lamps may have superior features in some regards, this lamp takes the cake in terms of portability, light intensity, lux, the light quality and most importantly cost.

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