The Light Therapy website,, is based on the idea that Seasonal Affective Disorder and associated symptoms affect many people, and that Light Therapy is an effective option that should be considered. This site intends to answer some of the questions you may have about light therapy lamps, how to go about getting the right one and where they can be found.

This site does not receive any form of compensation or incentives to review any shaver. Second, this site does not sell the products it reviews. HappyLamp offers impartial and unbiased reviews of bright light therapy lamps.

The Homepage offers visitors an avenue to take the Seasonal Affective Disorder quiz, which can help those who may suffer from SAD find more information that they can use for their advocacy and treatment. Information regarding SAD is also available, through the page link at the top or under the quiz headline. Extensive and unbiased information regarding bright light therapy is available by following the link on the homepage. Information about who can use the lamps, how it can benefit users, and what to look for is included. Alternative treatments and when to seek a doctor’s care is clearly stated.

Following the Best Therapy Lamps Reviews buttons will take you to the reviews section. The eight best lamps available on Amazon are included, with their respective information and features. General comparison between models is also included.

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The people at HappyLamp believe that bright light therapy can be extremely beneficial to those suffering from SAD when the right lamp selection and usage occurs. HappyLamp is always available to answer any questions regarding any aspect of bright light therapy, SAD, or related topics.